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1209 The Escort Way Borenore NSW 2800

Phone: 02 6365 2247

ABN 15 141 162 950

© 2015 by Hillside Harvest.

Tomato Kasundi-GF- Spicy Indian tomato-based relish. Use as a shortcut to spice up dishes such as pumpkin or sweet potato soup, meat or vegetable stir-fries and lentils. Marinate lamb cutlets, backstrap, or a rack before cooking.


Chilli Onion Jam- Red chillis, caramelised onion and red capsicum together make an addictive relish for all chilli lovers. An accompaniment to a juicy steak, burgers, sausages, pizza, a sharp cheddar, and add to soup and stir fries.


Caramelised Onion Jam- Slow cooked caramelised onions and spices combine to make a rich thick sweet savoury jam. Perfect with burgers or any meat dish. Add to pizza, stir fries or blend a spoonful into any soup.


Beetroot Relish-Fresh Australian Beetroot grated and cooked with spices to make this the perfect aide for beetroot addicts. Devotees put this on everything....

Blue M Jams and Relishes